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Practical preparation for your new arrival

This 3 hour antenatal workshop will prepare you for the arrival of your newborn baby. Explore the options and learn new skills to increase your confidence in many aspects of baby care.

Through practical, informative and interactive activities in a relaxed environment you will cover a wide range of topics. We will never suggest a ‘best way’ approach but instead will discuss choices; allowing parents to decide what works best for their own family.

Currently running as 2 x 1.5hr sessions at Mothercare Eastgate, Bristol.

Explored in BabyNatal Practical Baby Care

1 Newborn choices

Discuss tests, checks and choices which will be offered for your newborn at birth, for example delayed cord clamping & Vitamin K.

2 Holding and clothing

Get hands-on and learn how to handle and dress a newborn baby with confidence. Consider clothing options, temperature and layers.

3 Sleep and sleep safety

Discuss normal sleep patterns for a newborn and get up to date information and guidance for safe sleeping.

4 Bathing and winding

Get hands-on and try out bathing a newborn baby, consider different bathing products available. Learn techniques to wind a baby.

5 Interpreting cues

Learn how to interpret you babies cues so you can respond to their needs. Learn techniques for calming your babies cries.

6 Nappy options

Explore reusable and disposable nappy options. Learn how to change a nappy, consider your options and decide what works for you.

7 Calming techniques

Learn different calming techniques including how to swaddle a baby safely, explore baby-wearing options and the benefits.

8 Bonding for both parents

Discuss ways for both parents to bond and interact with a newborn baby. Consider the benefits of skin to skin and baby massage.

9 Feeding

Discuss normal feeding behaviour for a newborn including; frequency, demand feeding, cluster feeding, cues and feeding support.

Find a relaxed group class near you in Bristol, or book a private session enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

BabyNatal Practical Baby Care Classes from Bean Stork

  • £75.00

    Private BabyNatal Practical Baby Care Workshop

    Bean Stork will happily come to you to deliver the 3 hour BabyNatal Practical Baby Care workshop. In the workshop we will explore your options around many aspects of baby care, giving you the confidence to make informed choices for your family and preparing you for your new arrival. BabyNatal Practical Baby Care is suitable for expectant parents, grandparents or other family members that will be playing a part in caring for a baby. If you have any questions or want to make sure this is the antenatal class for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact details at the bottom of this page. The price of the workshop is £75 per couple/family. BabyNatal Practical Baby Care is an informal relaxed workshop which includes:
    • Newborn checks, test and choices
    • Practical skills – holding, clothing, bathing, winding
    • Nappy options
    • Feeding
    • Sleep and sleep safety
    • Interpreting cues and calming techniques
    • Swaddling and baby-wearing
    • Ways for both parents to bond with their baby
    • Plenty of time for Q&A.
    • A chance to make new friends.
     Anne Tregenna from Bean Stork is a qualified Natal Family antenatal and postnatal practitioner based in Bristol.  You can find Bean Stork on social media via @beanstorkbaby Contacting the Host If you have any questions about the course or would like to organise a suitable date for your workshop, you can contact Bean Stork at [email protected] or call on 07872964116. Cancellations & Refunds We reserve the right to cancel or postpone this course. In cases of unforeseeable circumstances like extreme weather, we will give as much notice as possible. Customers who purchased will be offered a refund for the session or a place at a future session. If you would like to cancel your place you will need to give 21 days notice however you can transfer your booking to another course.
  • My husband and I really enjoyed having the Practical baby care workshop at our house. It was excellent to see so many different options for baby products and to try out new skills like nappy changing and winding positions. It was a relaxed environment within which to learn and ask questions about topics I soon realised I knew nothing about! We were kept engaged throughout and now feel much more confident about bringing our little one home.
    Rachel & PhillBabyNatal Practical Baby Care
  • I wanted to thank you for all the amazing things that you taught both me and my husband. I was able to stay calm through labour and did loads of deep breathing through all of my initial contractions. The labour and birth all ended up being very positive and the MummyNatal course definitely helped me prepare. All the BabyNatal classes have also been so helpful and everything that we learnt has been coming in handy. Thanks to the course, we didn't find the initial days as tough as they would have been otherwise.
    Hira & AffrazMummyNatal Birth Preparation & BabyNatal Practical Care
  • I found all the topics in the Practical baby care workshop really useful, the bathing and cleaning parts were particularly useful as I did not have a clue! Anne is very knowledgeable, friendly and clear when delivering the workshop. I really enjoyed being able to ask questions, without feeling judged.
    Phil HarveyBabyNatal Practical Baby Care

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